10 Of The Best Powerpoint Templates Of All Time

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Bored of the default powerpoint templates and looking to dazzle your audience. Here is our top ten list of powerpoint templates we love. Enjoy.

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Yellow Belly Cute: Pikachu Pixel Art

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There have been many artistic incarnations of Pokemon’s yellow, cuddly, cat-like character, Pikachu, from the people dyeing their cat’s fur yellow and photographing it, to less extreme creations in the form of nail art. Pikachu is among the nominees for the “Most Popular Cute Character” award, battling it out with Hello Kitty among others.

Here we have Pikachu in pixel art form, with occasional appearances by his buddies Ash Ketchum and Jigglypuff, with materials from the art store and beyond.

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Artist Showcase: Latin Inspired Illustration Art by Alberto Cerriteño

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Mexican designer and illustrator Alberto Cerriteño certainly knows how to draw attention with his vibrant, humorous and festive creations. His works are comprised with lively, doll characters, usually emphasized with big smiles, round eyes, and stumpy bodies, all evoking different kinds of emotions which will make onlookers gaze and wonder with curiosity. Developing his own style and technique, he draws inspiration from his roots—a great love for his Mexican heritage which is clearly depicted in each of his illustrations.

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Creative T-Shirt Designs from Inkefx – PLUS 15% Off Coupon!

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Since about 2010, Jake Mize had been playing with the idea of starting a small t-shirt company. His main goal, just like most other small t-shirt brands, is to provide a high quality product at a very reasonable price and to make sure that the overall customer experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Jake had originally started outsourcing the designs to a couple of illustrators to help grow the brand and bring exposure to artists that were maybe not so well known. But, being a designer himself, Jake’s own designs quickly became his preferred creative outlet.

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Artist Showcase: Mesmerizing Fashion Photography by Edgar Berg

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Edgar Berg fashion photography

Edgar Berg is a young and ambitious photographer from Dortmund, Germany. His main passions are around fashion, beauty and editorial. Taking a closer look at his photographs you will see a strong emphasis on detail and emotion which he uses to tell a story.

Triggering the right feeling by implementing natural light situations is an important feature in the composition his pictures. Recently Edgar spent six months in Paris absorbing fresh inspiration from one of the world’s fashion capitals.

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Calling All Design Students!

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Here at The Inspiration Blog we understand the need for budding designers to have their work published. Over the next few weeks we’ll be accepting submissions from design students and showcasing your work on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter feed for FREE.

Are you ready to be “discovered”?

Read the rest of this post for details on how to submit your work and get your name in lights…

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“Mount Ruapehu” – Incredible Time Lapse by Jared Brandon

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Mount Ruapehu Timelapse

This incredible “must-see” piece was filmed over 12 days in New Zealand’s beautiful and desolate Tongariro National Park.

Interestingly, this is Jared Brandon’s first attempt at filming time lapse – and what a stunning result!

This particular location in New Zealand’s North Island is one of the most picturesque places on Earth, and is known for its challenging and temperamental climate which is beautifully captured throughout the film.

Now, dim the lights and check out Jared’s amazing work…

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Artist Showcase: American Vintage Sign Photography by Bill Rose

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Vintage sign by Bill Rose

Bill Rose is documentary photographer who strives to capture and preserve the increasingly endangered beauty of American vintage signs through his work. The main focus of his Recapturist collection is the Google-inspired neon signage favored by many local businesses during the mid-1900s.

Although this Mid-Century Modern architectural movement originated in Southern California, its influence can be found in almost every corner of the Unites States. As a result, much of his free time is spent exploring the nearly forgotten two-lane highways and back roads of America on a never ending quest to document these roadside treasures before they all fall victim to progress…

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Artist Showcase: Awesome Fantasy Illustrations by Gregbo Watson

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Illustration by Gregbo

Gregbo Watson is an artist and illustrator with a passion for the whimsical and wicked! From the Upstate of South Carolina, he was raised on mountain folklore and fairytales filled with fantasy and wonder. As an artist, Gregbo combines his wicked imagination and love of visual storytelling to create quirky, interesting characters and illustrations for various media. His illustration style focuses on expressive line-work, exaggerated action and form, as well as bold color.

The presented work shows Gregbo’s love of illustrating for children and the influence he draws from the fairytales of his youth. Also included is a piece done in tribute to Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, upon his passing.

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Artist Showcase: Chris Brock – Portrait and Fashion Photographer

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Chris Brock Photography

Chris Brock is a portrait and fashion photographer who uses the world around him – inside and out – as a backdrop for his shoots. Having lived and worked in New York and London, the urban and the suburban are as much a part of his pictures as the people he photographs, creating texture, depth and atmosphere that suggests a story behind the images, like a moment stolen from a movie.

Conveying emotions that are at times dark, at times tongue-in-cheek, there is often an unsettling urgency about his photographs that is at once both challenging and engaging but always aesthetically fresh.

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